Teacher. Researcher. Leadership coach. Racial justice facilitator. 

Dr. Nada Ahmed brings a wealth of experience to the education field as both a leader and partner. Now, she’s taking on a new exciting role: Eskolta’s new executive director! We’re thrilled to welcome her to the team. 

Dr. Ahmed’s education career began as an educator with Teach for America. Since then, her work has involved deep partnerships with schools, community organizations, innovative nonprofits, and higher education institutions. She’s worked at the national level and with a strong focus on regional partnerships in New York City, Washington DC, Denver and Boston. 

In her most recent position, she served as Co-Director of the NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency, Director of Field Studies, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning. 

She aims to integrate diverse voices into the education process and enhance learning for all by supporting schools and empowering them with research-based practices. She believes in engaging educators and underserved BIPOC students and families so communities are not just talked about, but are included as active stakeholders in co-designing affirming schools and innovative learning models.

Dr. Ahmed encourages educators to leverage restorative justice practices and bring students’ funds of knowledge into the classroom and school community as well.

As she begins her work with Eskolta, she hopes to: 

  • Involve more families and communities in our work
  • Explore creating an Eskolta policy arm that helps educators, youth, and the community influence school practices through smart policies
  • Create new fellowship programs for youth and leaders, with a focus on culturally responsive sustaining pedagogy
  • Lead Eskolta’s continued expansion to serve even more schools and students across the country 

Dr. Ahmed lives in New York City with her two daughters, Sophia and Carina, and her husband Ali. While her passion for education stems from her childhood, Nada’s daughters have invigorated her commitment to education in a new way, bringing light to current challenges and opportunities to create a more equitable society where all students can thrive. She loves to travel and has lived in many different cities nationally and internationally.

Dr. Ahmed’s first official day at Eskolta is July 6. Join us in giving her a warm welcome!

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