School Improvement Fellows

School Improvement Fellows are public school educators who undergo training in equity-based, participant-driven school change strategies and apply them to their own school settings. Through our own Eskolta Fellows program as well as fellowships run in collaboration with district partners, we help equip educators with the tools and knowledge they need to become leaders of sustainable school change.

The Eskolta Fellows Program

Discover your strengths and expand your capacity as an equity-focused leader.

The Eskolta Fellows Program is a community of talented educators leading equitable change in their schools. With the aim of improving conditions for their students—majority BIPOC, often intentionally marginalized by the system—Fellows gain skills in facilitation, data-collection, and liberatory design while piloting a project in their schools.

How it works: Over the course of a school year, Fellows advance through a curriculum anchored in Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Education (CRSE) concepts and liberatory design, developing a practice they then test, adapt, and measure. Through full-group sessions and monthly coaching calls with an Eskolta facilitator, Fellows explore contextualized research, share practices, and learn strategies to address the underlying causes of the issue(s) they choose to focus on. Throughout, Fellows will become a part of a community that encourages reflection, trust, joy, and authenticity. 

Fellows will be challenged to practice self-awareness, recognize oppression, embrace complexity, reach for liberatory collaborations with school community members, and attend to healing.

Ready to Join Our Community?

Application Deadline: July 15, 2023
Program Duration: October 2023 – June 2024

“If you took a snapshot two years ago, and one now, you can see that the way teachers are engaging with one another has changed a lot.”

Jasmine Hoskins, 2017–18 Eskolta Fellow | Department Head, Urban Dove Team Charter School


Program Overview

Eskolta Fellows

Monisola Ajayi

Haydee Guardamino

Haydee Guardamino

Logan Keane

Jennifer Lambertz

Chris Santomauro

Chris Santomauro

Christina Varghese

Christina Varghese

Heather Wood

Heather Wood

Yesenia Aguilar

Yesenia Aguilar

Houdda Balouch

Emily McLaughlin

Emily McLaughlin

Savvas Papadopoulos

Savvas Papadopoulos

Radha Radkar

Radha Radkar

Bill Ardito

William (Bill) Ardito

Tim Kochka

Tim Kochka

Emily McLaughlin

Emily McLaughlin

Monica Monfre

Mel Niere

Melody (Mel) Niere

Abena Phillip

Christian Rivera

Christian Rivera

Curtis Stembridge

Adrienne Andry

Adrienne Andry

Siara Arnette

Siara Arnette

Leah Binyamin

Leah Binyamin

Molly Cavanaugh

Molly Cavanaugh

Michael Gallin

Michael Gallin

Beth Kling

Beth Kling

Mardochee Louis

Mardochee Louis

Heather Maki

Heather Maki

James Munson

Evelyn Rebollar

Evelyn Rebollar

Vincent Saladino

Vincent Saladino

Ravon Smith

Ravon Smith

Jaimie Vettom

Jamie Vettom

Raven Alcorn

Melissa Birnbaum

Rachel Corsini

Kirsy Duverge

Andrea Hasiotis

Sara Jackson

Anna Smith

Valerie Winberry

Ryan Wozniak

Maggie Brown

Jen Byalick


Erica Fabiano

Ali Holstein

Shellhaas Jean-Francois


Paul Melkonian

Kristen O’Brien

Stephanie Samuels

Kerridene Small

Katie Taylor

Imelda Tellez

Nicole Caldwell

Melissa Cunningham

Paula Dallacqua

Jasmine Hoskins

Nathan Larsen

Tanell Pendleton

Samantha Pritchard

Melissa Procton

Laura Soriano

Matt Spellman

Nazeema Baboolall

Marissa Bailey

Lucia Brockway

Dan Chu

Michelle Venditti

Andrew Wiza

Michael Wolach

College Access for All Fellows

Kristina Allocco

Kevin Brooks

Jordan Canela

Martin Castro

Curtis Cox

Sharlene Daley

Brenda Glasse

Hakeeb Lanlokun

Teresa Marino

Monique Maylor

Xaviera Nichols

Marsha Ormejuste

Jacqueline Pena

Tunisia Riley

Shanika Sweeney

Marie Theodoropoulou

Ervin Thomas

Catherina Villafuerte

Giovanni Anchundia

Monique Atherley

Jessica Bell

Brandon Brown

Lancia Burke

Mark Chenault

Lorraine Drummond

Raul Garcia

Adele Hill

Yeribel Lopez

Natalie McQueen

Marlene Pacheco

Veronica Pichardo

Tara Williams

Ryan Wozniak

Kaycee Brock

Allison Burke

Marisa Castillo

Denise Copeland

Norma Feriz-Gordon

John Foley-Murphy

Jennifer Grunin

Kimberly Hall

Raymond Johnson

Simone Mikolich

Zaydee Santiago

Joshua Steckel

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