“When I think about what the Eskolta community is and what it means for kids and communities… it is life-saving work. It is the difference for young people between a life of opportunity or a life of poverty. It is the difference for our communities between a future of possibility or a future of despair. That’s what the work is.”

John B. King, Jr.

Coming from his own experience of losing a parent during elementary school, John B. King, Jr., former U.S. Secretary of Education and one of Eskolta’s 2018 Change Maker honorees, is clear about the value of a supportive school environment. At our second annual Change Makers Reception on October 23, Eskolta honored King and two other Change Makers who embody our commitment to discovering potential through adversity and helping educators to support youth who have fallen behind.

King attributes his journey from dealing with trauma as a child to becoming an educator, policy maker, and now CEO and President of The Education Trust, to the caring approach of his teachers and community. Hector Castillo Carvajal, the night’s student honoree, spoke of how he had persevered through economic struggles and dropped out of high school before going on to surpass his own academic goals while supporting his peers. Adrienne Andry, our teacher honoree, shared her commitment to helping the most at-risk students discover their strengths at East Brooklyn Community High School.

In company of teachers and counselors, principals and policymakers, and donors from various fields, the evening offered a moment to celebrate the compassionate communities we are helping to build in schools through our work. Our honorees reminded us that much more needs to be done to improve outcomes for the students, and that while there are significant challenges ahead, the right moment to take action is now. Because of the support we received, Eskolta will continue to be part of the community helping to drive this change, today and each day that follows.

The event was made possible thanks to our community of supporters:

Adrienne Hadaway
Afsheen Afshar
Alexandra Buckley
Ariel Amdur
Brooklyn Brewery
Charles Pryor
Christina Walsh
Cristin Frodella
Dan Siracuse
Danielle Moss Lee
David Levithan
Doug Knecht
East Side House

Educational Video Center
Fritz and Karen Henderson
Good Shepherd Services
Gretchen Wiker
Heather Drastal
Jesse Clark
Joshua Feldman
Kathy Brand
Laura Nichols
Michelle Fine
Milly Crawford
Noel and Matthew Mizrahi
NYC Mission Society

Raikes Foundation
Rebecca Klein
Richard Green
Rick and Nurit Amdur
Rotem Blat
Sarah Henderson
Smita Narula
Sophie and Andrew Ferrer
Stephen Cha
Tarika Barrett
The Ready Foundation
The Rothman Family
Vimal Vora

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