Group of educators watching a presentation during the first Eskolta Network convening in New York City.

The Eskolta Network

Connecting Educators. Transforming Learning.

The Eskolta Network is an improvement community designed to connect educators in the shared challenge of transforming learning for high school students who have been under-served by our school system. Drawing on current research, participating schools work together to explore problems, create practices and tools, test and modify them, and measure their impact. Together, we aim to confront the educational inequities driven by systems of racism and oppression in our nation and improve academic outcomes for students so they can thrive in high school and beyond. 

The Challenge

Our school system has failed too many youth, especially students of color and those living at or near poverty. Structures within public education often reflect systems of oppression in our nation as a whole. Through the Network, we aim to give educators the time, space, and support to foster a culture of compassion, respect, and high expectations in their schools, so students who were once left behind can thrive.

Network Focus

Transforming student learning in an inequitable educational system happens when schools create a learning environment that is culturally-responsive, strengths-based, and skill-focused. This year, the Eskolta Network will focus on an exploration of academic research and practice-based examples of culturally-responsive approaches to education while continuing to deepen our understanding of how those approaches intersect with mastery-based learning and strengths-based culture.

Interested in applying to the
2020-21 Eskolta Network cohort?

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