Group of educators watching a presentation during the first Eskolta Network convening in New York City.

The Eskolta Network

Connecting Educators. Transforming Learning.

The Eskolta Network is an improvement community designed to connect educators in the shared challenge of transforming learning for all students. The Eskolta Network offers schools the opportunity to engage in a multi-year effort to build educators’ capacity to make meaningful, sustainable change in their school communities. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is having a dramatic impact on our schools and on the lives of Black, Latinx, and low-income youth, this Network brings together schools that are committed to fight against that impact and to foster equity.

Our Network Aim and Approach 

The aim of the Eskolta Network is for participating educators to ensure that in this moment and into the future, we maintain and increase the percentage of previously underserved Black, Latinx, and low-income high school students who graduate prepared for the future. To achieve this aim, school teams that join the Network will engage in a continuous improvement process and connect with colleagues in other Network schools who are grappling with similar challenges. Through this process, teams will:

  • Identify pressing needs and key problems of practice within their schools that align to core school goals 
  • Gather student perspectives and data to help them better understand the issues 
  • Explore cognitive psychology research alongside practices from other schools that cultivate culturally sustaining practices, a strengths-based culture, and mastery-based learning 
  • Design and test prototype solutions that meet the current needs and potential of their schools within the current realities of the school day and structures
  • Study and share lessons learned as they continually adjust and refine practices to make their schools communities of compassion, trust, and high expectations for their students

Network Focus for 2020–21: Confronting Inequity and Developing Culturally Sustaining Schools

Historically, structures within public education have replicated the systems of oppression in U.S. society that maintain existing white socio-racial hierarchies. One of the ways that this has happened is with pedagogy that does not harness the funds of knowledge that students of many diverse backgrounds and cultures bring with them to elevate historically marginalized voices and to foster positive academic outcomes for all students.

The COVID-19 crisis further highlights inequities in our school system, forcing educators to grapple with rethinking how they design schools to support their students. We will work with schools in the Network to create and rethink learning environments that not only meet the needs of the current crisis but do so in a way that is culturally responsive, strengths-based, and skills focused. This year, school teams that join the Eskolta Network will explore and develop culturally responsive approaches to education that foster strengths-based environments, supportive student feedback, and mastery-based learning. 

The Eskolta Network serves NYC- and Boston-based high schools. Participating schools receive free professional development and continuous improvement coaching for up to three years. Participating educators receive stipends or per-session.
2020-21 Eskolta Network Schools

ABCD University High School
Academy of the Pacific Rim
AIP at Excel High School
Boston Collaborative
Brooklyn Frontiers High School
Burke High School
EDCO Youth Alternative
Roxbury Prep High School

New York
Arturo A. Schomburg Satellite Academy Bronx
Bronx Arena High School
East Brooklyn Community High School
Harlem Renaissance High School
Harvest Collegiate High School
Health Opportunities High School
High School For Excellence And Innovation
Jill Chaifetz Transfer School
John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy Charter School
KAPPA International High School
Landmark High School
Liberation Diploma Plus High School
North Queens Community High School
Olympus Academy
Professional Pathways High School
University Heights High School
Urban Dove Team Charter School
Urban Dove Team Charter School II
Voyages Preparatory High School

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