CBS New York: Eskolta report "How They Thrive" and the impact of alternative schools

Watch CBS NY’s coverage of How They Thrive: Lessons from New York City Alternative School Alumni, Eskolta’s recently published report on the experiences of transfer school alumni, and conversations with the principal and several students from High School for Excellence and Innovation, a transfer school that participated in the research.

We help help educators transform learning

Using a continuous learning process embedded in Culturally Relevant Sustaining Education (CSRE), we work alongside educators to strategically research and reimagine the systems in their schools, design new practices and tools, test and modify them, and measure their impact on student outcomes.

We help districts reimagine systems

Through partnerships with districts, we conduct research generating high-quality evidence that enables policy makers to understand the effects of their programs and make changes based on data. Along with this research, we work with districts to generate strategies to guide the development and implementation of systems-level plans.

We help schools redefine how learning is measured

The best educators know that learning will always be more than what appears on standardized tests. Together we help schools create processes for students to transparently and frequently reflect on their own progress and set goals against high expectations for learning.

We help schools make sense of data

A wealth of information is available to schools, but if not understood, it is useless. Through our research and analysis, we work with educators to make sense of data and turn it into thoughtful guidance to inform change.

Who We Are

Our mission: Eskolta School Research and Design works with educators to create a more equitable society by fostering a culture of compassion, respect, and high expectations in public schools, so students who were once left behind can thrive.
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What We Do

Founded in 2010, Eskolta has engaged in hundreds of projects in which we work alongside educators and district leaders to transform systems and structures in public schools through coaching, professional development, research, and strategic planning.
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Who We Work With

Eskolta School Research and Design works with alternative and traditional high schools serving students who have previously been underserved by the traditional education system, as well as school districts and nonprofits engaged in innovative work across New York City, Boston, and Washington, DC. Since 2010, we have worked with thousands of educators to develop practices to improve learning for tens of thousands of students.
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