Our projects focus on four core principles: frequent feedback and assessment focused on meaningful learning, pathways to success that enable students to envision where they have been and where they are going, data-guided leadership to inform educators' practice, and strength-based culture through which students develop a healthy belief in the value of learning.

Feedback & Assessment   View all

We help schools develop strong feedback and assessment processes for students to transparently and frequently reflect on their own progress and set goals against high expectations for learning. This includes projects around rubric development, assessment development, competency-based grading, student goal-setting, and student reflection on learning.

Data-Guided Leadership   View all

We help schools move their work forward through data-guided leadership that gives adults the opportunity to review student data and reflect on their own practice, then adjust in response to the specific areas where students struggle. This includes projects around data analysis, school scheduling, facilitated inquiry, and leadership development.

Pathways to Success   View all

We help schools design pathways to success so that students can see the path forward from where they are now to graduation and beyond. We support school programming, course sequencing, and student-centered scheduling that enable students to progress, despite difficulty, on a path forward. This includes projects to design school schedules, develop student voice in scheduling, and map courses and experiences to graduation requirements.

Strength-Based Culture   View all

We help schools design strength-based culture in which adults communicate transparent high expectations and respect for students’ ability to work towards goals and values that matter in life. This includes projects around defining schoolwide values, supporting student beliefs in the efficacy of learning, and using language and support in schools to create a welcoming and supportive environment.

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