Student Voice

Chyna Hardy, Voyages South Preparatory High School

In 2016–17, Eskolta worked with a team at Voyages South Preparatory High School, a transfer school in Queens serving students who are overage and under-credited, to deepen their understanding of the skills of determining importance. One of the tools the team explored was I.C.E. (Introduce, Cite, Explain), a strategy for students to break down details in text, pull evidence out of reading, and explain their ideas. Chyna Hardy, an eighteen-year-old student, talks about her experience.

What did things look like at your previous school?

In my old school, the teachers were not really interested in me and my learning. It’s different here. The teachers give me chances to ask questions and make time to explain things to me. I don’t feel like I have to work alone anymore.

What do you find most helpful about I.C.E.?

I.C.E. is most helpful for me because it gives me a guideline to write—it’s a one-two-three-step process. When I write an essay, I make sure now to have a clear introduction, cite evidence from the reading, and explain my ideas. I didn’t really know how to exactly do that before.

Has your writing changed since you’ve been here?

Before I was unmotivated and I wasn’t into writing. Now being here and getting introduced to I.C.E., I like writing much more. Another thing that I’ve learned to do through using I.C.E. is instead of jumping into the reading right away, I would look at the questions of the assignment first, and this helps me to put things into context and to remember the key things I’m supposed to be looking for in the reading.

What are you thinking will come after school?

I already have two scholarships to go to college. I have one from Buffalo State College and one from Queens Community College. I want to study business—I play basketball too, so maybe something with sports and business.

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