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Leadership in Practice: Developing Effective Leadership Strategies across Schools

September 2009

“In conversations with staff, you have to be a good listener and not defensive. These aren’t things that come naturally. I’ve had to practice them. I want staff to realize I’m not going to solve every problem, but I will listen and seek to understand. You have to coach people to complain, raise concerns, and turn them into something constructive for the school.”

– participating principal in the Leadership in Practice series

The Leadership in Practice series was developed by Eskolta for New Leaders for New Schools and the NYC Department of Education as a guide to effective practices for school leaders running new schools. The four-part series focuses on methods used by school leaders to create a strong team, provide instructional leadership, collect and use data effectively, and serve all students. Drawing on interviews with principals of new successful schools, this series highlights the various approaches and effective leadership strategies they shared.

Shaping a commanding vision for learning, the Leadership in Practice series guides principals to create their own educational philosophies for their schools. At the same time, the series offers methods to ensure that these visions become part of the lifeblood of the school, beginning with hiring practices and following through to ensure students with special needs are served.

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