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Inspiring through Internships: Mentor Interviews and Workplace Brochures

September 2016

“Through our internship program, [the students] actually leverage the strength they already have to develop important, specific career competencies such as collaboration, communication, and problem solving.” 

–Principal Lara Evangelista, Flushing International High School

Inspiring through Internships: Mentor Interviews and Workplace Brochures is a case study detailing how Flushing International High School supports students who are new to this country establish themselves as members of the larger NYC community through internships. The study draws on insights and resources developed through the Career Competency Fellows program, an initiative led by OSPR in partnership with Eskolta. As part of their effort to achieve their career-readiness goals, all eleventh-grade students work at an internship site under the guidance of a mentor who helps them acclimate to the workplace culture.

The case study draws upon the internship experience of Gaby, a student at Flushing International, and two of the projects she completed for the seminar accompanying her internship: the Mentor Interview Project and the Bilingual Brochure Project. The case study also describes steps and tips for implementing internship practices and projects and includes templates and worksheets for educators to use in the classroom.

Partner: NYC Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OSPR) in partnership with Eskolta School Research and Design

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