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Empowering Teacher Teams to Improve Instructional Practices

“I’ve developed strategies that have been total game changers for me and had a huge impact on student learning. Things that I just would not have come up with on my own without the support of my lesson study team.”

–Founding teacher at EBCHS

Empowering Teacher Teams to Improve Instructional Practices is the fifth of a five-part series capturing practices and tools that support deeper learning for overage and under-credited adolescents at transfer schools across New York City. This guide takes the reader through the steps East Brooklyn Community High School took implementing Japanese lesson study. Lesson study is a collaborative, research-based approach to professional development designed to achieve long-term instructional growth. The guide draws on insights and resources developed through the Multiple Pathways Institute (formerly the Transfer School Institute), an initiative led by OPSR in partnership with Eskolta.

Partner: NYC Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OSPR) in partnership with Eskolta School Research and Design

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