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1 | The Power of Invisibility: Factors that Influence Attendance

Although irregular attendance is often treated as a matter of compliance, complex factors impact whether or not a student chooses to come to school. These factors can range from sensing a lack of belonging at school, believing that classes have no value or purpose, or feeling compelled to address issues outside school. However, when teachers and counselors use practices that help students feel visible in their school communities, attendance and engagement improve. This session provides an overview of factors that influence student attendance and research-based practices that motivate students to improve attendance.



Learning Objectives:

Participants will...

  • Understand how students’ relationships, beliefs about themselves as learners, and recognition of future prospects contribute to their attendance

  • Explore practices that help students feel connected, engaged, and optimistic in order to improve attendance

Session Overview

TOTAL TIME: 60 min

10 min | Discuss the relationship between feelings of invisibility and student attendance

25 min | Develop an understanding of what helps students feel visible at school

20 min | Explore ways to implement practices to improve attendance

5 min | Decide on a path forward