Any organization that sets out to improve public education must have a vision of the life that schools help students achieve. Our vision of this life extends not just into the work we do for students, but also into how we treat our employees and the educators we work with. Eskolta has a unique focus on valuing our employees and their well-being to model what we expect for all people.


Productive work cannot be accomplished without an underlying ethos of respect and trust. We help schools develop ways to build trust and respect with their students, and we approach our employees and the professional educators we work with from a perspective of trust and respect.



Good work is focused work. We help school leaders and staff focus on their top priorities and not get pulled in a thousand directions by the many demands made on public education.


A successful life is one in which you are economically successful and still have the time and ability to be an active citizen and member of communities. We help schools develop students’ skills not just for economic success but also for connection to family and community. Alongside this, we provide flexible and supportive environments to help the people we employ to balance work life with family, community, and other interests. We prefer employees to get out of the office often, as long as they are doing high quality work efficiently.


A good life is a meaningful life, in which people engage in critical reflection about issues of societal importance. We help schools develop ways to promote this meaningful life, and we promote ways for our employees and the people who work with us to explore important issues.